Our Beliefs

Mental Healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and inclusive to all.

There are no marked or closed doors. 

All are welcome. All are valued. 

The Briarpatch Philosophy

At Briarpatch Solutions we take a systems approach, infused with restorative justice, in treating individuals as well as couples and families. 

We strive to remain culturally competent, and ever-striving to meet the unique challenges that face our diverse communities. 


We all have our briar patches. These are those places we find ourselves stuck because they are familiar. Your briar patch could be an abusive relationship, substance abuse, or systemic racism, or other forms of oppression in the educational or workplace.

Whatever you are going through, it can be better when you have the right therapist who seeks to understand and is passionate about helping you to tap into your own strengths. 

"But still, like air, I’ll rise" ~ Maya Angelou

Beginning therapy is scary. Trying to make it through a difficult time without a therapist, can be even scarier. 

Do not wait until you are in crisis to start therapy, begin by reaching out today!

At Briarpatch Solutions we pride ourselves on our work with BIPOC, LBGTQ, and other oppressed communities. 

We are here for you.

The Briarpatch Institute of Marriage and Family Therapy offers low sliding scale rates!

Briarpatch Solutions is expanding into a teaching practice offering clinical supervision to marriage and family therapy interns and residents. These trainees need a total of 3000 hours of patient contact to become eligible for full licensure. 

In order to meet their training needs and the growing need for affordable mental health care, Briarpatch Solutions is offering low sliding scale rates to individuals with no insurance or for those who are tired of being on a waiting list for their mental health needs.